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Game Id: 01004B200DF76000

Genres: Action Adventure Puzzle Platformer

Publisher: Sometimes You

7th Sector

7th Sector

Immerse yourself on this intricate path, solving different puzzles, facing its dangers, and collecting scattered information to discover the story of this world.

Gain control over several different characters, each with their own abilities that can help you navigate the world’s devices and machinery. Some of your choices and actions will determine the ending of the game.

- Atmospheric dystopian world
- Lots of varied and unique puzzles
- Control several characters
- Immersive soundtrack by "Nobody's Nail Machine"
- Branching system with 4 different endings

- Best Indie Game (DevGAMM 2019)
- Excellence in Visual Art (DevGAMM 2019)

More details on the official game page of 7th Sector ..

7th Sector 7th Sector 7th Sector 7th Sector 7th Sector 7th Sector

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