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Game Id: 0100D1900EC80000

Genre: RPG

Publisher: 株式会社コーエーテクモゲームス / Koeitecmo

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

The concept of this title, the latest in the series to depict a new "Atelier" world, is "True-to-life youths that develop together, even if just a little bit".
It is the story of a girl and her friends who are about to become adults, discovering what is most important to them.
To depict the story of the main characters discovering things they've never seen before, we've created fields with natural shadows that allow you to feel the breath of the world. Graphics have been further enhanced, allowing for a world of daily-life and adventure to be depicted in a new way.

Main points
■Advanced "Synthesis" system & "Location Points"
The "Synthesis" system in which players combine materials to create items has been revamped.
Now, in addition to being able to understand the effects of synthesis visually, the system allows you to enjoy the experience of developing recipes more than ever before.
Also, we've included "Location Points" that players can create through synthesis!

■Use different items to gather new materials!
When "Gathering" the necessary materials for synthesis, the items you receive change depending on the tools you use to gather them, so it will be easier to obtain the items you want.

■Intense battles
With a combination of turn-based command battle and real time elements, enjoy intense battles where the choices you make determine the outcome! It is a system that will allow you to sense the feeling of strengthening bonds with your friends more than ever.

The main character is Ryza, an ordinary girl.
Tired of boring village life, she escapes the village to gather with her good friends in a secret location to talk of their dreams and plan thrilling adventures.
One day, the determined Ryza and company decide to head for the forbidden "island across the shore" as their first exploration trip.
Together with the alchemist and other friends they meet there, they have a "summer adventure" that they will never forget.

More details on the official game page of Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout ...

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Latest cheats

Title ID: 010096000E1EC000
Build: EAE04EDB51679145

uploaded by sudosiyang
Credits to sudosiyang
uploaded: 21 Jan 2021

  • 莱莎1.0.15
  • 克尔777777
  • 金币变动后最大
  • 宝石变动后最大
  • HP不减
  • 物品无限//不消耗任务提交无效
  • 快速行动
  • 防御槽不减
  • 核心能量变动后最大
  • 秒杀
  • 秒杀关闭
  • 敌方无法行动
  • 一击破防
  • 敌方崩坏时间不减
  • 物品不减
  • 连锁不中断
  • 连锁增加后最大
  • 连锁伤害值增加后最大
  • 获得大量炼金经验值//直接99满级
  • 经验值倍率4
  • 经验值倍率8
  • 查看物品后自定义品质999
  • 查看物品后自定义品质关闭
  • 队伍任务快速完成
  • 商店库存不减
  • 菜单中采集篮变为材料箱
  • 菜单中采集篮变为材料箱关闭
  • 采集道具进材料箱
  • 采集道具进材料箱关闭/
  • 战斗后道具进材料箱
  • 战斗后道具进材料箱关闭

53 download(s)

Title ID: 0100D1900EC80000
Build: c903abd00f428b59

uploaded by crosshunter
Credits to Crosshunter
uploaded: 08 Aug 2020

  • Gold 9999999
  • Max Alchemy LV
  • Ryza Max Lv
  • Ryza Max Exp
  • Ryza HP 9999
  • Ryza AP 999
  • Ryza Status 1000
  • Lent Max Lv
  • Lent Max Exp
  • Lent HP 9999
  • Lent AP 999
  • Lent All Status 1000
  • Tao Max Lv
  • Tao Max Exp
  • Tao HP 9999
  • Tao AP 999
  • Tao All Status 1000
  • Item x 999

368 download(s)

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Release Id Available cheats Latest cheats
5017110db5aac6cc 1 03 Nov 2019
be0efde5580470db 1 09 May 2020
c903abd00f428b59 1 08 Aug 2020
EAE04EDB51679145 1 21 Jan 2021
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